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Mobile Device FAQs

If I elect to purchase a personal wireless device, may I transfer my current District cellular number?
  Yes. When you purchase the desired device, a temporary phone number will be assigned by your carrier. You must then notify the District Communications Management and permission will be granted to your carrier to your District number.

Will the District provide a stipend for business use of an employee personal cellular telephone or data service?

May I obtain an additional phone for a family member and receive the M-DCPS rate plan?
  No, but District employees are currently eligible for a 15% discount on advertised Verizon rates.
May I upgrade my current M-DCPS equipment (Blackberry, cell phone, etc.) to a premium device?
  Wireless equipment is upgraded periodically, in accordance with bid provisions and at no cost to the District. Specific requests for ad hoc equipment upgrades must be approved by the corresponding Cabinet member and submitted to District Communications Management. Additional equipment cost is the responsibility of the requestor, payable by personal check at time of cellular equipment distribution.

What services are included in the flat rate Unlimited Voice and Data Package (UVDP)?
  Unlimited voice communication, data transmission with unlimited text messaging, pictures and multimedia transmission within the United States are included. All international service is blocked. All communication must be in accordance with the District Acceptable Use Policy.

If I select the UVDP, how will the automatic payroll deductions work?
  A payroll deduction of $28.00 will be taken monthly for the prior month charges (i.e. April deduction will cover UVDP service for the month of March).

Is the payroll deduction amount subject to change?
  The cost of the UVDP is based on the District current bid pricing and may change in the future; however, in the event of a future price increase, employees will have the opportunity to change their cellular plan election.
May I remit a check once a year instead of monthly payroll deductions?
  Upon electing the UVDP, please contact District Communications Management at 305-995-1550, for specific instructions.

May I change my cellular telephone use option during the year?
  If you change positions and no are longer eligible for a cellular/wireless device, payroll deductions will be discontinued. If you are initially assigned a cellular/wireless device during the year, you must make a plan election at that time.

If I elect the UDVP, who has access to detailed call and transaction records?
  No itemized call or transaction records will be provided to the District by Verizon for UVDP accounts.

If I elect the UVDP plan, will I need to send any type of monthly acknowledgment pertaining to my personal usage?

  If I elect "Business Use Only" , do I need to acknowledge call usage?
  Yes. On a monthly basis, usage must be verified as Business Use Only. Personal calls are tallied at a cost of $1.00 per minute. This information is to be forwarded to your Site Administrator.
Is incidental personal use of a District wireless device reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?

If I elect to use my personal wireless device for District business purposes, are there any specific requirements?
  Employees are generally eligible for a District cell phone or wireless device, because their job function requires that they be accessible while out of the office during the work day and/or after hours. The same expectation applies to employees electing to use their personal wireless device for official business purpose.

If I am currently assigned a District cellular device and elect to use my personal cellular phone for voice service only, will I be required to keep the District-issued device for e-mail and data service?
  School-site administrators, DCIRT members and other selected personnel are required to have e-mail and data service for emergency notification purposes and therefore must retain the District-issued Blackberry device with data-only. Other employees that are currently assigned a District Blackberry device and wish to discontinue this service must obtain written approval from their supervisor.

If I elect to use my personal cellular phone for District business, how do I update the number on the District telephone directory?
  Employees using a personal device must update their cellular phone number via the Employee Portal.The directory is updated automatically .
If I elect to use my personal cellular phone for District business, how do I direct my District emails, alerts and calendar to my personal cellular device?
  Refer to your owner's manual provided by your personnel carrier, under settings.
How do I access my District cellular telephone bill?
  Your monthly statement will be emailed to your district email address by the Department of District Inspections and Energy Management.
Who reviews my cellular bill if I elect the Business Use Only plan?
  Employees are personally responsible for reviewing their monthly bill and reimbursing for any personal calls at $1.00 per minute. Additionally, a supervisor, District Communications Management staff and internal/external auditors may, at any time, review the call records of an employee choosing the Business Use Only plan to ensure compliance with District policy.

Please contact District Communications Management staff, at 305-995-1550 for additional information.

Updated: 7/30/15



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